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We offer:

  • Infant/Toddler Care — from 6mths old- 2 yrs old

  • Pre– School - 3 yrs old

  • Pre-k for All 4 yrs old 

  • After School Program– 4 yrs to 13 yrs

  • Summer Camp—July to August

  • Nuturing enviroment

  • Breakfast and lunch provided 2-6 years old

  • Trained Teachers

  • Registered nurse on-site

  • Homework assistance



Academic Enrichment


     Step By Step Early Childhood Center is committed to providing a quality interactive educational program for all children in its care. As we strive for excellence, our highly trained staff, in collaboration with the parental community, will provide challenging experiences to meet the high performance standards our day care fosters. We actively seek to broaden our perception and understanding of a changing world in an effort to interact with and become active members of a diverse society.





All Payment are due by the 5th for monthly or

by Tuesday for weekly.


***Late Fee is charged**

Give us a call:


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